Best Plants for Container Gardening

You can grow pretty much any vegetable, fruit or herb that you want in a container garden, depending on the size container or pot that you use.

The most important issue with this type of gardening is to provide the proper size for your planting area to support the growth needs of each plant.

For example, with larger plants such as potatoes which have deep roots, you will need a much deeper planting area.

In fact, many people who grow potatoes at home do not use containers but instead, use large plastic bags full of compost or specialist potato planters built from wood.

The best plants for container gardening are generally those that are able to easily thrive in small to moderate sized pots or containers.

• Shallow Rooted Plants for Easy Container Gardening

Many of the plants you will grow at home are relatively shallow rooted such as lettuce, radish, spring onions, tomatoes and strawberries. You can grow them in almost any pot or container that you want, even making your own from recycled materials including old drainpipes (great for strawberries and radishes) and more.

Tomatoes do extremely well in hanging baskets if you grow the tumbling varieties. These are ideal for people who are very low on space and they make for a particularly beautiful display. Tumbling tomatoes do come in a variety of different colors which have a wonderful taste and can really enhance the visual  beauty.

best plants for container gardening

• Container Grown Tomatoes

Normal tomatoes will grow well in containers but will need support. Other larger vegetables like squashes and pumpkins can be grown in containers but you need to be aware that they are going to grow very larger and trail everywhere.

In these cases you are going to want to grow them vertically which means good supports need to be in place. Most people will grow these larger vegetables vertically up a trellis fixed to the wall.

• Grow Fruits in Containers

For the larger fruits you may need to provide hammocks to support them if you are growing vertically. Larger squashes and pumpkins can become very heavy which could end up breaking the vine of your plant and killing it.

Hammocks can support these vegetables though most people will grow smaller varieties which do not need this extra support in their containers.

Cucumbers (Yes, cucumbers are actually fruit…they are classified as “accessory fruits”.) do very well in containers if they are grown vertically.

Give them good support and they will happily climb upwards, though you may need to occasionally give them a helping hand so they grow where you want them to.

The big advantage of this type of growing is that the cucumbers tend to be straighter and have thinner skins, making them easier to eat.

Pretty much anything you want can be grown in containers; it is entirely up to you what you want to grow. All you need to do is ensure that you have a container that is big enough to support its growth!

Don’t feel that because you are growing vegetables in containers you cannot enjoy a wide variety of different, delicious fresh produce.

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