Bathroom Greenovation: 4 Smart Renovation Steps to Create an Eco-friendly Bathroom

bathroom greenovation

Even though bathrooms are usually one of the smallest rooms in you house, it’s unbelievable just how much unnecessary waste they produce. Most people spend a lot of water, paper and chemicals in the bathroom. If you want to do something about this room and make it eco-friendly, it’s time for a bathroom greenovation.

Here are some tips and tricks that will help you turn your bathroom into a green oasis in your home plus save money and help conserve the environment.

Stop Wasting Precious Water

If you want to do an effective bathroom makeover, you need to think about saving water. Only the toilet can use almost 30% of your household water, thus it’s important to stop that waste somehow. Of course, you can improve your bad water wasting habits, but installing water-efficient fixtures is a great step towards creating an eco-friendly bathroom.

You can start by installing low-flow faucets and showerheads as well as low-flow and dual-flush toilets. Make sure you repair all the leaks as soon as they appear. You can also install a water filter to your showerhead that will filter out all impurities, chlorine and other chemicals that can cause health problems and dry your skin and hair. Plus, your bathroom will be so much easier to clean once you purify water of those chemicals. And for an ultimate green step, you can install a greywater system that uses water from the shower and sink to supply toilet and your garden.

Switch to LEDs

Switching to LEDs is one of the improvements you can literally do in less than 5 minutes. It’s also a great way to save money and electricity in the bathroom. An average LED bulb will only use 20% of the energy a conventional bulb uses and it will last around 25 times longer! According to some calculations, you will save up to 200 AUD per bulb. Plus, LEDs don’t have that cold glow anymore and you can now find bulbs with soft amber color…so there are absolutely no excuses. You can make this renovation for only a couple of dollars and 5 minutes of your time.

Forget about the Traditional Bathroom Look

A classic western toilet usually resembles a plain closet. No windows, no natural light, no fresh air…just four walls. Eastern bathroom designs are completely different. For example, Japanese bathrooms usually have windows for light, ventilation and a nice view. This design is much greener than the western style because the natural light and ventilation will save you electricity and you will have a nice and pleasant atmosphere for your daily rituals.

Also, most typical bathrooms have toilets located near shower areas which isn’t the most hygienic. You only need a little more space to put the toilet into a separate room and you will successfully isolate bacteria and ensure better privacy. As complete modern bathroom renovations require a little more expertise than changing a light bulb, it’s best to contact professionals who will make sure you choose the right design for your space and give you some valuable pieces of advice on your remodel.

Do You Really Need that Tub?

Baths not only require 7 times more energy than showers, but they can truly be a health hazard when it comes to slipping. With a high-pressure low-flow showerhead you can have a more pleasant and quicker shower, saving money along the way. Replace your tub with a molded fiberglass shower that’s easy to keep clean and is much more modern and eco-friendly.

If you apply these essential steps to greenovate your bathroom, you will save energy, money and help to protect the environment with smart eco-friendly choices.

Lillian Connors

If one thing is true about Lillian Connors, her mind is utterly curious. That’s why she can’t resist the urge to embark on a myriad of home improvement projects and spread the word about them. As the Co-editor of Smooth Decorator, she cherishes the notion that sustainable housing and gardening will not only make us far less dependent on others regarding the dwellings we inhabit, but also contribute to our planet being a better place to live on.

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