Backyard Sun Protection: Ideas to Safely Enjoy Your Backyard in Summertime

backyard sun protection

Most people enjoy summertime more than any other season. It’s the most vivacious time of the year when the strong sun brings out the most striking colors everywhere around you. It’s also the time when we decide to treat ourselves to a nice vacation. No matter what you choose to do, keep in mind that you’ll be exposed to sun a lot, which means you’ll need to find adequate ways to protect yourself from harmful UV rays.

However, sunscreen and hats aren’t always enough to protect you from the strong sun so you’ll need to make sure there are additional layers of protection around you.

Creative Backyard Sun Protection Ideas

If you want to feel safe, here are the essentials of backyard sun protection for you and your family.


If you decide to spend some time relaxing with your kids in the backyard, the most reliable source of protection is definitely shade. On the one hand, trees have served as the most common protection from the sun through the ages. Abundant treetops and other greenery can provide a nice shade, reducing the UV exposure in your backyard by a significant margin.

If you’ve bought or built a new house, it is recommendable to plant a tree that is native to your region and that will grow to have a big treetop for maximum benefits. However, it will take several years for the tree to grow, so one of the recommended courses of action would be to buy a sapling that’s a quick grower – some of the fast-growing species are northern red oak, tulip tree and the Freeman maple. If you live in the part of the world where temperature differences between seasons are noticeable, you can also decide to plant a row of evergreen trees in your backyard.

Shade Structures

Depending on the material, UV rays can pass through solid shade surface to an extent. Brick, tile, wood or metal can block up to 100% of sun rays. Therefore, patio roofs are among the most popular solutions. A gazebo is another popular and aesthetically pleasing addition to the backyard.

Also, backyards can be pretty big so covering them entirely is not always an option. People come up with various creative solutions, from buying backyard teepees to installing makeshift awnings and using sheet linen to create “meditation” pavilions. However, materials such as cloth are very porous, which means they’ll let much more UV rays through. Also, you need to choose the color of the cloth carefully. For example, white “repels” sun rays, whereas black “soaks them up”.

Outdoor umbrellas and marquees now come in an impressive variety of styles and colors, which is bound to facilitate your efforts in finding the perfect structure for your outdoor setting. If you lack ideas, you can always check out Sydney Shade website for inspiration.

Canopies, which resemble gazebos, are a good mobile solution. However, unlike umbrellas, they don’t offer a lot of options when it comes to modifying them to protect yourself as the sun moves about the horizon. As dusk draws near, you’ll need protection that can offer side-shading options.

Personal Skin Protection

Just remember, when it comes to sun protection cream, it doesn’t make that much of a difference between various numbers on the box. For example, an SPF 30 offers a 97% protection from UV rays and an SPF 100 blocks about 99%. The difference is neglectable and there is no safe way to tan, especially in the middle of the day, between 10 AM and 5 PM.

Spending some time in the sun will definitely increase your vitamin D levels, but you’ll need additional protection after only ten minutes spent in the midday sun. Interestingly enough, long sleeves are a good solution for this. Light white-linen shirt with long sleeves will protect you from the harsh heat and a brightly colored hat combined with sun glasses is the best combo.

By opting for all of these levels of protection you’ll have one less thing to worry about and you can concentrate on enjoying fun activities with your family. With a lot of greenery and covers in your backyard, your kids will be free to run around without a care in the world and enjoy everything summer has to offer.

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