Baby Bedding: Buying Tips for Health-Conscious Parents

baby beddingA baby’s birth is usually one of the most exciting and fulfilling experiences that most parents ever have in their lifetime. However, after the excitement of having a new little one in the home wears off, the challenge of providing the best care for a child really sets in for most parents.

Bottle feeding or nursing, changing diapers, doctor’s visits and keeping records are just a few of the important responsibilities for mom and dad.

Among all the responsibilities of providing for your baby, an often overlooked area is the type of bedding that you provide for your infant as he or she grows.

Just any old bedding won’t do for a number of reasons and of course, depending upon your child’s particular needs.

Healthy Baby Bedding Buying Tips

Here are a few things to consider when choosing appropriate bedding for your infant:


The number one concern in choosing good sleep essentials should be safety. Whether you choose to put your newborn in a crib, bassinet, porta crib or cradle, always consider the safety elements before putting baby in for the night.

Check out any potential safety hazards such as locking devices and structural concerns.

You might even check online to see if there are any product ratings or consumer cautions concerning the type of sleep arrangement you are considering.

You should not only be concerned about the bed itself, but also the mattress, sheets and/or bumper padding and anything else that you will be placing in the crib with your infant.

Some sleep sets look appealing but may be hazardous to a newborn or young baby. For instance, bumpers can sometimes create a situation where an infant could possibly suffocate if she rolled over into it and couldn’t roll away to breathe properly.

Also, very thick mattress padding can also create a possible suffocation hazard if the child isn’t strong enough to turn his face away or roll over well. Sometimes SIDS has been attributed to very thick, soft bedding.

So be careful when you choose the bed, but also the type of sheets, bumpers and blankets.


Bedding should be neither too soft nor too hard, but just right! Infants need enough firmness to provide good support while growing, but also enough softness to be just comfortable enough.

Again, always keep in mind the suffocation danger with very soft bedding. If you have to choose between the two, it’s best to chose more firmness in a mattress simply for safety reasons.

If want a bit more comfort for your baby, you can cover the mattress with a smooth cotton sheet, then add another short fleecy sheet on top to provide something similar to a mattress pad, but without too much density which could be dangerous.

Some parents think they must have bumper pads when decorating their cribs. But in reality, it may be best to forego this accessory until a child is large enough to untangle himself in the event of rolling into it at night.

The suffocation possibility is to be considered with very young babies and your discretion is necessary to protect him.


Parents may wonder if it’s important to provide all cotton bedding or bedding made with synthetic materials. In many cases, infants have no problem with sheets and blankets that are made from polyester, acrylic and or synthetic fabrics.

Some bedding is also a combination of cotton and synthetic fibers. If an infant has allergies, she may not do well with polyester and acrylic bedding or even combination fabric sheets.

However, parents who want to err on the side of caution, simply choose nontoxic, natural bedding in order to provide the safest possible materials to be used by their infant.

There is also organic cotton mattresses, sheets and blankets that can be purchased for those who really want nontoxic bedding. An added note about cotton: cotton sheets tend to be more absorbent and regulate body heat better than other types of fabric.

When choosing the perfect bedding for your baby, it’s wise to consider all these points so that you can provide a safe, pleasant sleep environment for your child. Be sure to consider healthy baby bedding as part of your important parenting responsibilities. If you do, your infant will more likely wake up healthy and happy every morning!

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