9 Green Cleaning Recipes for Nontoxic Household Cleaners

9 green cleaning recipes

Conventional cleaning products and solvents usually contain toxic chemicals that are unhealthy for your health. Those with asthma, allergies, lung conditions and chemical sensitivities are particularly vulnerable.

Since cleaning products contribute to a significant portion of poor indoor air quality found in many homes, you can significantly improve your IAQ and the health of your family by switching to nontoxic, biodegradable household cleaners. Plus, you’ll save some money, too!

Green Cleaning Recipes that Work

Here are 9 of the best, simplest and most effective homemade, nontoxic household cleaners for a variety of household chores.

1. All-Purpose Cleaner

¼ cup white vinegar

2 tsp. borax

3 ½ cups hot water

20 drops of antibacterial essential oil (such as eucalyptus, lemon or peppermint)

¼ cup liquid dish soap

Mix ingredients in a 32 oz. spray bottle, add dish soap last. Wash surfaces. The smell of vinegar will dissipate.

2. Soft Scrubber

½ cup baking soda

Enough liquid soap to make frosting-like consistency

5-10 drops of antibacterial essential oil such as eucalyptus, lemon or peppermint (optional)

Placing baking soda in bowl; slowly pour in liquid soap, stirring continuously. Add essential oil. Scoop mixture onto sponge, wash surface and rinse thoroughly.

3. Window Cleaner

¼ cup white vinegar

½ teaspoon liquid soap or detergent

2 cups water

Combine ingredients in a spray bottle and shake to mix.

4. Basin, tub and tile cleaner

¼ cup baking soda | ½ cup white vinegar
Combine and use with soft cloth for cleaning.

5. Mold and Mildew

Mix equal parts vinegar and water in a spray bottle. Spray on surface and wipe clean.

6. Carpet Spot Remover

Blot spot immediately with water.

Sprinkle with baking soda, cornstarch, or borax and let dry.

Rinse with club soda and vacuum.

7. Unclog Drains

Sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda in and around the drain opening. Follow with a cup of white vinegar. Flush with boiling water. Repeat if necessary.

8. Rust Remover for Sinks and Tubs

Sprinkle a little bit of salt on the rust, squeeze a lime over the salt until it is nicely soaked in lime juice. Leave the mixture on for two or three hours. Use the rind as a handy scrubber.

9. Wood Cleaner

¼ cup white vinegar

¼ cup water

½ teaspoon liquid soap

A few drops of olive oil

Combine ingredients in a bowl; saturate a sponge with the mixture; squeeze out the excess and wash surfaces. The smell of vinegar will dissipate.

These are proven cleaning recipes recommended by the Oregon Environmental Council that can help you have good indoor air quality and help to make your house a healthy home.

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