3 Tips to Create An Allergy Free Bedroom

tips for allergy free bedroom

A nontoxic, allergy free bedroom that is designed to provide you with a safe sleep zone is the most important gift you can give yourself or a family member who suffers from allergy problems.

A healthy, natural bedroom can be created that has little or no health issues associated with anything in the room, from bedding products to construction materials.

For some people, this can be a challenge, especially when it means that it’s necessary to remove offending materials and products from this area of living space.

There is no better room in the house to make free from health irritants than in your bedroom. Well, you do spend at least 8 hours a day in there, don’t you?

Allergy Free Bedroom Tips

Here are a few tips that can help you create an allergy free sleep space in which to spend many nights of healthy sleep and wake up refreshed every morning.

1. Eliminate Allergens and Irritants

Perhaps the hardest, most time consuming and expensive thing to do in some bedrooms is to remove problematic materials from the bedroom.

Whether it is removing chemical laden carpeting, stripping walls that are covered with mold infested wall paper, or discarding a synthetic mattress, sometimes the hard things must be done in order to feel better.

It may be necessary to eliminate old rugs, carpet, plastic window coverings, wall paper, or a number of other things. If you know something is a problem, by all means, remove it.

2. Redo and Replace

After removing problem materials and products from your bedroom, be careful to only replace or renovate with materials that are all natural, organic or non-toxic.

This may include using low or no voc latex paints, natural wood flooring, all cotton rugs, organic cotton sheets, and non-toxic mattresses and pillows.

Also, be careful about using toxic adhesives and spackling since these are often filled with petrochemicals and pesticides which can be hazardous to your health.

A company such as AFM that specializes in non-toxic and green building materials can provide further advice if you need to redo or renovate your bedroom.

3. Avoid Hidden Problems

Sometimes, the strangest things can cause a problem for a person’s health. For instance, it is usually best to keep your pet out of your sleep space at all times, since this is a common allergy problem for many people.

Also, be sure to keep your bedding clean and dust mite free by washing often at a high temperature.

Be cautious about the addition of new furniture since a lot of pieces are made with particle board, plywood or veneers that are glued with hazardous adhesives.

You can often smell the “new” when you install a bedroom suit in your room.

A few companies are now offering nontoxic furniture that is built with natural, organic materials. For best safety, it’s usually a good idea to stick with 100% wood furniture or metal, so that you avoid chemical exposure.

Another simple way to maintain a fresh, allergy free bedroom is to always keep it clutter free from excess furnishings, home decor, books and other products that can harbor dust, molds and chemicals.

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