3 Surprising Reasons to Sleep on an Organic Latex Mattress

organic latex mattress

An organic latex mattress has become one of the most preferred types of mattresses chosen by consumers today.

But why have natural latex mattresses become so popular among the various bedding materials used to make many different brands of mattresses?

There are several reasons that natural organic latex material is easily surpassing other types of materials used to manufacture mattresses for both adults and children.

3 Lifestyle Benefits for Choosing an Organic Latex Mattress

Here’s some really good reasons to choose an organic latex mattress for your own personal use or for someone in your family.

1. Superior Comfort

Latex mattresses can provide superior comfort for those who have been searching for a good mattress to relieve serious pain issues that other sleep surfaces are unable to relieve. If you suffer from fibromyalgia, arthritis, chronic back pain, muscle aches and or any other pain issue, an organic latex mattress may just be the ticket for you to receive the best night’s sleep ever.

Latex material is dense and provides proper skeletal and body support. It also conforms to the shape of your body somewhat like synthetic memory foam, but also is elastic and yields well to your particular body weight without being too hard on your painful body areas.

You can find latex mattresses in varying firmnesses for just the right comfort level to help you rest well every night. This material is uniquely adaptive to your body weight and is yet resilient for years.

Because these mattresses are so resilient, they don’t even need to be turned over periodically like other types. Natural latex is very durable and you will find that a good mattress may last you well over 10 years or more.

Natural latex also helps to evenly distribute your body temperature so that you don’t sleep to hot or cold at night. You will enjoy natural temperature control that the material brings to a mattress.

2. Naturally Hypoallergenic

If you are looking for a mattress that truly fits the requirements for a hypoallergenic sleep surface, then an organic latex mattress fits the bill.

Made from rubber harvested from the rubber tree plant and processed with through a natural and non-chemical process, latex is a natural alternative to synthetic foam or combination materials used for many mattresses on the market.

latex mattress

You will not experience the degassing of chemicals associated with other types of sleep surfaces and there are no flame retardant, pesticides or other chemicals used in the manufacturing process.

If you suffer from chemical sensitivities or simply want to avoid all chemicals typically used in traditional bedding materials, natural latex is the best choice for a mattress.

Latex is also antibacterial as well as will not harbor dust mites in the naturally dense material. This makes it great for those who have dust or mold allergies since these allergen cannot grow in the material.

3. Go “Green”

Those who value “green” materials in their home will appreciate this plant based material that is harvested from the rubber tree plant. It is entirely sustainable and requires no chemical processing that can be hazardous to humans as well as the environment. When searching for a green mattress, be sure to check out the method of processing before you make your choice.

Choosing a latex mattress that is made through the traditional Dunlop method or the Talalay method is a safe choice provided you get quality assurances that there are no binders, fillers or synthetic edging material used in the manufacturing process.

Remember, not all ‘latex’ is natural and be a blend between synthetic foam and latex, so be sure to do your research if you value a totally natural sleep surface.

Top 2 Health Reasons to Sleep on a Pure Latex Mattress

There are many good reasons to choose a natural latex bedding surface, but perhaps the most important two reasons that most consumers cite is:

  • for comfort
  • to enjoy a chemical free sleep zone

If you want the best in sleep surfaces, you may want to consider choosing an organic latex mattress for quality, comfort and environmental safety.

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