15 Industrial Pipe Furniture and Home Projects for DIYers

I’ve always enjoyed the creative part of repurposing something traditional into a new use that is both fun and practical.

So, when I ran across some pure genius uses for something as mundane as industrial plumbing pipes, I just had to share the fun.

I’ve put together some of the best industrial pipe furniture and home accessory projects to pique your interest in this rather unusual, but increasingly popular design.

Have a look and let me know what you think. In fact, if you’ve already repurposed some plumbing pipes into something cool, how about sharing and commenting below? I’d love to see a picture of it, too! 🙂

15 Pipe Furniture and Home Decor Projects

Plumbing Pipe Shelves

These double shelves are easy to make. Only two ends need to be secured to the wall, but it’s curvy look makes it look more complicated.

pipe shelving


Industrial Pipe Coffee Table

Relatively easy coffee table to make since the top covers the pipe legs beautifully. Even has a place for a second shelf. Nice!

industrial pipe coffee table


Pipe Frame Loft Bed

Great idea for an urban apartment or kid’s room. Includes ladder, too.



Pipe Clothing Rail with Drawer

Excellent idea for a movable clothing rail. Equipped with rollers and a nice, big storage drawer.

pipe clothes rail


Industrial Pipe Chair

And when there’s no where to sit? Collect some pipes and make a simple, rustic, industrial chair that looks like it’s from the 1930’s.

pipe frame chair


Pipe Candle Holders

Easy peasy pipe frame candle holders that anyone can do, and looks terrific!

pipe candle holder


Plumbing Pipe Bar Stools

These bar stools are well made, with cherry wood seats. Nice touch for industrial charm.

pipe bar stools


Pipe Toilet Paper Stand

Great idea for the bathroom and easy to make. Plus, it’s free-standing so no issues with having to attach it somewhere.

pipe toilet paper stand


Plumbing Pipe Dining Table and Benches

For a more ambitious project, try something like this dining table and bench set.

pipe frame dining table


Plumbing Pipe Pot Rack

Excellent idea for the kitchen…and save some money by making your own. Looks just as good as some of the expensive racks…especially if you like a custom, industrial look.

industrial pipe pot rack


Pipe Bench

An easy bench to make, you can either use a new wood plank or better yet, reclaimed wood that gives a wonderful weathered look. You can also use galvanized pipe or paint it black as shown here.



Industrial Pipe Side Table

Great little project and rather simple. Just add rollers for easy traveling.

industrial pipe side table


Pipe Shoe Rack

And how about adding a nice shoe rack to your walk in closet? This combination galvanized and copper rack looks great. Works just dandy!

galvanized pipe shoe rack


Pipe Frame Electric Lamp

A great decor idea is to use an electrical lamp kit installed in a creatively designed pipe lamp like the one below.

pipe lamp


And that’s it for this little introduction to the wonderful world of industrial pipe furniture and accessories. Hope you’ve enjoyed the photo gallery of possible projects that you can do yourself!

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