10 Reasons To Use Solar Energy at Home

Solar energy at home is the most obvious choice when it comes to alternative, renewable and clean energy sources. Although the sun may not be shining all day or cloudy weather blocks sunlight from time to time, recent technological advancements allow solar energy to be effectively collected when the sunlight is available and stored for later use.

solar energy at homeEven though you can’t be totally reliant on solar energy at home for this reason, in most instances, you can still use it to cover a huge percentage of your monthly energy consumption.

10 Reasons to Install Solar Energy at Home

If you’re wondering whether or not it’s worth it to add solar energy at home, here are some important reasons to consider installing this alternative energy source.

1. Renewable Source of Energy

The sun is a constant source of natural energy that is available to everyone. It’s just a matter of harnessing it’s power for home use. How’s that for a resource? You are assured of solar energy for the rest of your life if you can adapt its power for your home. While fossil fuel prices are going in an upward trend, solar energy is yours for free!

2. Government Incentives

Congress made a recent decision to lift the cap on tax incentives given for the purchase or acquisition of solar power systems, and it has extended the 30% credit. In addition, states and utilities are also offering additional tax incentives and rebates for the use of this power system. When you add the two together, you can get as much as 80% of the cost of buying your solar system back.

Thus, if you worry about the initial cost of buying this system, you can easily offset a huge part of the amount from these incentives.

3. Dependability and Durability

Once you have your solar panels installed, you can rely on the fact that it is not likely to break down since it has no moving parts. Also, these panels provide users a 20-to-30-year warranty, and this is indicative of how durable they are.

4. Low Maintenance Cost

You may require an annual maintenance check by a professional or some cleaning from time to time, but owners can expect to do very little for the maintenance of the solar panels.

5. Increases Your Home Value

A study conducted by ICF Consulting in 1998 determined that every $1 saved on energy consumption or cost adds $20 to the home’s value. Thus, if you were able to save at least $500 in a year, your home value would have increased by $10,000.

6. Reduce Your Power Grid Dependence

Utilities charge more for the electricity they sell due to the fact that they also incur costs associated with the production and transport of energy to your home.

Once you have your solar panels installed, you can generate your own energy, thus reducing your need to depend on power grids. Some people further expand their dependence on solar energy so that they can actually live off grid, while still enjoying electricity.

7. No Noise Energy Production

Solar panels do not create noise, unlike power generators or even power plants. No neighbor will complain about noise coming from your home and you yourself will not be bothered by any, so everyone gets to live their quiet, peaceful lives.

8. You Can Generate Profit

Yes! You heard me right. If your family is not using too much energy and even has excess energy, you can sell this energy to power companies through the Net Metering program. You may want to contact your local power companies for more information on how to do so.

9. The Creation of New and Affordable Solar Technologies

Like any other technology, solar power systems have undergone development and improvements over the past years. You may notice that as the technology becomes more developed and available, the prices are slowly decreasing as well.

10. Environmentally Friendly

Most of us may not think of this upfront, but this is a very important benefit from using this type of energy. It is good to know this power source is more eco friendly and help to reduce pollution.

The cost of building a solar power system in your home is often the main concern for consumers; however, the available incentives plus the savings you get for the lifetime of your solar power system is more than enough to cover these costs. Plus, you get to enjoy the many other benefits that solar power at home has to offer.

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