10 Amazing Lemon Essential Oil Uses for Health and Home

lemon essential oil uses

Using various essential oils is a natural way to deal with lots of common health and home issues. If you want to get serious about using essential oils you can even buy a kit and a diffuser.

But when just getting started, you can try a basic oil like lemon essential oil to see how beneficial it is. The results may astound you!

Lemon is one of the best essential oils that is well tolerated by more users, because of its natural, citrus, light fragrance.

It is great for cleaning areas of the home and is superb as a natural  antiviral, as a stress reliever, as a refreshing addition to foods and drinks, and highly effective for detoxing.

Top Lemon Essential Oil Benefits

Here’s some of the best ways to enjoy the benefits of lemon essential oil:

1. Ease Respiratory Problems – When used with a humidifier, it’s a great way to slow wheezing, colds, cough, and other upper respiratory problems. Just add a couple drops to the water and breathe easy.

2. De-scratch Your Scratchy Throat – Adding a couple drops of lemon essential oil to warm water and honey can soothe that yucky sore throat feeling, slow a nasty cough, and douse a fever. Lemon oil fights bacteria as well as viruses.

3. Fight the Fungus Among Us – Tired of seeing that unsightly nail fungus? Lemon oil is great for nails and can help fight against nail fungus. Rub a small amount into the affected area over a period of a few days until you see improvement. (Don’t use too much…lemon can burn the skin.)

4. Clear Thinking and Clear Focus – A clear mind, a clean slate, a fresh outlook. It’s all good. Real good. Diffuse lemon oil and you will feel the difference.

5. Take the Heat Out of Cold Sores – When you have a gnarly cold sore that’s just begging for attention, douse it with a few drops of lemon oil and you’ll have a new best friend. Remember, it’s an antiviral.

6. Soften Dry, Crusty Skin – Next time you notice hard, crusty skin on your feet, (e.g. corns, calluses or bunions) begin to regularly rub a few drops of lemon oil on the problem areas and you’ll soon have softened skin!

7. A Brighter Complexion – Lemon oil can help remove dead skin cells and exfoliate. For a homemade exfoliante, add 4-5 drops to a small amount of oatmeal and water for a natural scrub. Feels great!

8. Clean and Disinfect Kitchen Countertops – Wipe down your kitchen countertop with just a few drops of this powerful oil for a fresh, inviting living space. It’s also terrific to clean cutting boards because of its disinfectant qualities.

9. Healthy Bath Oil – Add a few drops (2-3) to warm water for a soothing, relaxing bath. It’s anti-fungal, healing properties are great for the skin. (Again, only add a few drops, because too much can burn your skin.)

10. Drinking Water Splash – Add several drops to a gallon of purified drinking water along with 1/8 teaspoon of baking soda to help your body be more alkaline than acidic. This helps fight off diseases and tastes wonderful.

When selecting lemon essential oil, be sure to choose a brand that is 100% cold pressed from real lemons and is high quality to insure best quality. If you’ve never tried essential oils, lemon oil is a great place to start!

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