How to Avoid Eating GMO Foods

how to avoid gmos

It’s not hard to avoid GMO foods if you learn to read labels, understand the most likely ones to be GMO crops, and start shopping locally. The more consumers insist on non-GMO products, the more food producers will answer the call. If GMO products are left on the shelves, big business will get the message that […]

How Bad Is the Air Quality in a Typical Home?

Healthy Home Q & A

Healthy Home Q & A Answers to the Most Commonly Asked Questions About Building, Remodeling or Improving a Healthy Home with’s Green Living Coach & Healthy House Specialist, P.S. Orr Feel free to comment, ask a question or simply be curious! There’s a whole lot of people who need, already live in or are looking […]

Container Homes: Pros and Cons of Shipping Container Homes

container homes pros and cons

Shipping container homes have increased in popularity over the past few years due to the fact that steel intermodal containers are in many ways an ideal building material. Shipping containers are durable, strong, modular, cuttable, stackable, and movable. Plus, there are plenty of them available and they are cheap, compared to traditional home construction or […]

Grow Your Own Herbal Medicine in an Indoor Garden

Grow Your Own Herbal Medicine

For centuries, people have been growing their own herbal medicine in order to treat many common illnesses with simple, effective and natural treatments. You, too, can grow your own indoor herbal garden for the same use. It’s quite easy and very useful to learn. Common herbal remedies can be grown, gathered, and dried. Then, can be used steeped in […]

4 Green Solutions for Temperature Control in a Small Home

green solutions for temperature control

A small home is a limiting factor when it comes to many things, but as for as temperature control, it shouldn’t be difficult. Still, there are some challenges since, unlike many new homes constructed by green building principles, some apartments in 100-years old buildings have never been updated for energy efficiency. Many will require a green heating/cooling […]

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